Weeds in the Garden CD
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New!  Weeds in the Garden is a studio live collection of
songs very current to current concerts

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New!  Learning is Fun is a kids album (preview edition)

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Tempo is Her Name - Rich Baumann © 1988
How Much is that Doggy in the Window -
    Bob Merril © 1953
Waltzing with Bears - Dale Marxen ©
My Rhinoceros - Edward Lipton © 1970
If I Brought a Dinosaur Home -
    Music: Steve Horelick  
    Lyrics: Dennis Kleinman, Janet Weir © 1983
    SCHMusic ASCAP
Turkey in the Straw - Traditional
Banana Slug - Jan Marra © ASCAP
My Brother Eats Bugs - Frank Gasar, Hans Mayer
Monsters in the Closet - Tom Hunter
All My Feelings - Rich Baumann © 1988
Make New Friends - Camp Song
More Love To Share - Rich Baumann © 1988
Cover Art by Connie Lent
Shorelines - David IB Drake
Ooh Goo - Oral Tradition
Whistlers and Jugglers - Shol Silverstein
Lately Lady - David J. Dillhunt
Under One Roof - Bill Miller/Dave Hoffner
Give Yourself to Love - Kate Wolf
Buffalo Minuet - Scott Hildebrand/Rich Baumann
What You Gonna Eat Mr. Regan - Pat Wiley
Who Will Feed the People - Tom Paxton
Ain't Nobody Livin on the Farm - Jerry Barney
The Reason We Are Here - Ken Lonnquist
No Man's Land - Eric Bogle
Mary Ellen Carter - Stan Rogers

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What You Do With What You Got - Si Kahn © 1981
    Joe Hill Music ASCAP
Color Between the Lines - Patrick Wiley
Waltzing With Bears - Dale Marxen ©
On My Grandma's Patchwork Quilt -
    Larry Penn © 1987
    Cookie Man Music Co. BMI
Blue Highway - Larry Long
Rainbow Rapids - Ron Broomell
Big Mountain Larry Long © 1987 BMI
Nicaragua - Bryon Catlett-Sirchio
Acceptable Risk - Charlie King
No Nukes Under the Sun - Walter Craft
Every Living Thing - Rod MacDonald ©
    Blue Flute Music ASCAP
Learn to Live Together - Rich Baumann © 1987
Cover Art by Connie Lent
Text by Frank Coffey
Music by Rich Baumann

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Halfway Home
Flight of the Eagle
Nuke-Free Log Cabin
Friend of the Dragonfly
Voice of Anishnabé
Turbulant Waters
Trees for Tomorrow
The Owl, Eagle and Raven
Escape from the Dark Clouds
All songs by Gene Hersey except
Turbulant Waters by Rich Baumann