What are people saying about Rich Baumann?

    "...the Burl Ives of the nineties." - Peter Viviani, executive director Oakwood Village

    "...songs that bring back many pleasant memories. His rapport is excellent." I would highly recommend him for programs in nursing homes..." - Maureen Hughes, Recreational Therapist

    "I ... definitely recommend your program for pre-schoolers and hope that we can enjoy it again in the future. - Phylus Kosterman

    "...warm and personal performances...storytelling in combination with musical talents assist our residents to look back on some of their fondest memories." - Barb Kelly, COTA

    "Rich has a wonderful way with young children. Entertaining, captivating and involving them during a well planned, professionally delivered set of age-appropriate material. I highly recommend Rich to any childcare program, school or organizer of activities for children. His boundless energy and genuine affection for kids make for exciting moving entertainment for young and old alike." - Clark Anderson, Co-organizer, Week of the Young Child, Sing-a-long

    "Rich is not only a good musician, but he entertains with a therapeutic approach. The best testimonial on behalf of Mr. Baumann is that the residents from Countryside Home want him to come back." - Joan Merritt, TRS

    "The Belleville PTA is deeply grateful for your Artist in Residence program. ... our children had the wonderful experience of new and exciting opportunities above and beyond the normal curriculum. Thank you..." - Barb Hillebrand, Belleville PTA

    "He has a high regard for children and their enjoyment of music. Today we listened to your tape four times in preschool. It's extraordinary." - Toni Hebl, Preschool Teacher

    "Your 'FRIENDS' tape is super! My little friends and I are enjoying it immensely." - Joy Wiggert

    "Rich's flexibility as a performer makes him well suited to work with people whose behavior may be erratic or unpredictable. He appears to work in the here and now, and it is this approach coupled with his skill as a performer which leads me to recommend him highly to other human service programmers." - Jody Curley, COTA

    "... truly an uplifting time for all of us... refrshing and we look forward to your return..." - Donna Karas, Activity Coordinator

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